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Volunteer Opportunities

Have you ever wanted to have a holiday but bored with just sitting on a beach or after two and a half days you have seen as much of the city that you need to see. 

Or are you just a workaholic and can't sit down for that long. 

Then maybe volunteering is for you! Would you like to learn new skills, wondered what it would be like to live on a farm working the land or looking after animals? Find out about living off-grid or just making new friends in new places, and get to experience the country from a new perspective. 

There are many excellent volunteering platforms that you can use to find the place that excites and inspire you. 

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Here I have made a list of places in this area which host Volunteers. If you are interested, please get in touch with them directly or via the volunteering platforms they use.

Finca Florecer

Tivenys, Southern Catalunya.
We have a smallholding of Olive and Carob trees, where we have been living for the last 14 years. The Finca was over-grown by 25 years when we first arrived. Slowly we have been bringing it back into production. We want help to maintain trees and reap the harvest and to get the veg garden underway. We are a chemical-free farm and work a lot on soil development and improvements. I'm interested in Forest Gardening, Permaculture, natural building, and living off the land where ever possible.
We have a dog, cats and chickens.



To develop a healthy, natural environment and educational permaculture centre; where I can meet like-minded people and share my knowledge.
Help wanted:
With general maintenance, dry-stone wall building and harvests.
Type of accommodation: Caravan for two/three people sharing
Contact me:
WWOOF Spain Member ID#: 159451
Or contact me directly via email @

Finca Bitem

Bitem, Southern Catalunya, Spain

Hi travellers :)

I am Jonathan, a 38-year-old french guy who's been living in Spain for 18 years. I've been working for the last four years on a previously abandoned piece of land. I decided to dedicate my time to the farm because being in nature feels good. I love watching the trees and the veggies grow. My girlfriend has joined the project and has since been helping me manage it. We try to create a healthy and beautiful space where people can come together and feel good.


That's the idea; sharing and caring :)

We have a beautiful farm next to the town "Bítem" (5min walk) with animals (dogs, chickens, ducks, geese & a pig) & many different varieties of plants (fruit trees, medicinal plants, herbs & vegetables). We have volunteers all year round who come & help by looking after everything/everyone. Please see our WorkAway profile for more information :)

We're all about creating a community lifestyle, and you are welcome to come and enjoy some time with us. We like to celebrate life and have a good time, we have friends who pop by to visit and spend time on the land, and although we don't live there, we're around lots during the weekends. We have regular jobs, so it would be nice if you're an independent person who can take care of yourself, we'd appreciate having dynamic people here who can solve any possible problems or issues on their own.

Help wanted:

You can help to create a Garden of Eden. There's already some food growing here; there are around 200 fruit trees (half of them mandarines) and some veggies, season depending. There are also about 40 animals (chickens, roosters, ducks, geese and a pig), plus two dogs.

Ideally, we'd like someone who is clean and tidy, easygoing, keen to learn, and motivated. You will be responsible for caring for the animals, watering, weeding, planting, and helping to maintain a high level of general cleanliness, plus helping with or designing new projects. Once or twice a week, we help out our friends on their farm, and they give us lots of lovely organic veggies in return.

Pet; sorry, but we cannot accept travellers with pets, as we already have two male dogs living on the land who don't like sharing their territory with other animals. 



You will share the caravan (2x people maximum, each with a double bed), supplied with electricity and running, plus another trailer that we’ve transformed into a beautiful wooden kitchen (with table), fully equipped for cooking, eating, and hanging out. There's a beautiful wooden outdoor garden shower, another more private indoor shower (cold water only), and we're using a dry toilet system (solids only).

Contact Me:

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