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Natural Building Workshop

We have coming dates for you to choose from
09th - 12th May 2024   &   24th - 27th October 2024

Our natural building construction workshop goes beyond just teaching techniques; we also provide an immersive experience in sustainable living. We showcase a range of materials and concepts, and we aim to foster a community of individuals dedicated to creating a better world through natural building. Our workshops cover everything from site design to construction to finishing, and we pride ourselves on providing hands-on, practical learning opportunities that will allow you to create beautiful, energy-efficient, and sustainable structures.


Building a Sustainable Future: Our Vision at River Ebro Permaculture

Our natural building construction workshop is designed for those who want to experience hands-on learning in a safe and supportive environment. Over the course of four days, you’ll have the opportunity to work side by side with our team on ongoing projects. We’ll teach you how to use locally-sourced, low-impact materials to build homes and other structures that are both beautiful and functional. You’ll leave our workshop with a wealth of new skills, and a deeper appreciation for the power of natural building techniques.

Eco-Friendly Design

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our natural building techniques. We also focus on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing structures that enhance the environment. Our current projects include a natural shower block and outside dining area with seating for the classroom, both of which blend function and beauty to create a sustainable future.


Experience the great outdoors in style with our bell tents. Our tents come equipped with comfortable beds and bedding to ensure you get a good night's sleep under the stars.

Open to all 

Come explore and unleash your creativity with our workshop! With classes for all levels and no experience necessary, you can discover new skills and talents. Whether you want to learn something new or just enjoy a fun activity, we've got you covered.

Workshop Fees

We are committed to making our workshops accessible to as many people as possible. The cost for this incredible experience is 470€ per person, which includes meals and accommodations. We also offer a reduced rate of 400€ for low income individuals. Our goal is to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for all of our participants. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about workshop fees or our commitment to accessibility.

If you’d like more information about our courses and workshops, get in touch today.

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