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River Ebro Permaculture 

Diploma Designs

Welcome to River Ebro permaculture @ Finca Florecer. I'm Peach, and these are the designs for my diploma in applied permaculture.

The farm is located in southern Catalunya, Spain on the foot of the cardo mountain range, in the valley of the Ebro river.

I live here with my family and have been practising permaculture here for the last ten years. I have aimed to bring this abandoned olive farm back into production by designing a fully integrated and regenerative habitat for all to share.

Summary: Action Learning Pathway

Location: Finca Florecer

Date Started: 2009

Design Process: CEAP

Design Tools: SWOC, Mind map, Web of connections,

Design Tools: Areal Map, Sun Sectors, Base map, Zones, Design, Mind map, Smart goals, Web of connections, Elements,

Location: Finca Florecer

Date Started: 2009

Design Process: O'BreDIMET

Design #2:1, The Olive Tree

Summary: A look at bringing the olive trees back into production and integrating them with other fruit trees.

Location: Finca Florecer, Zone 4

Date Started: 2009

Design Process: SADIM

Design Tools: Base map, Olive tree guilds,

Design #2:2, The Herb Garden

Summary: Redesign of the vegetable garden from zone 2 to zone 3.

Location: Finca Florecer, Zone 2

Date Started: November 2011

Date Finished: March 2012

Design Process: SADIM

Design Tools: SWOC, Field Map, Base map, Design.

Design #2:3, The Orchard

Summary: To create a food forest with various fruit trees, hedging for windbreak and nitrogen fixers to condition the soil. 

Location: Finca Florecer, Zone 3

Date Started: January 2013

Date Finished: November 2013

Design Process: SADIM

Design Tools: Functions, systems and elements, Base Map, Elevation, Design.

Design #2:4, The Veg Garden

Summary: A design to bring the vegetable beds into zone 1 and develope the area around the house for summertime living.

Location: Finca Florecer, Zone 0-1

Date Started: January 2013

Date Finished: May 2015

Design Process: SADIM

Design Tools: SWOC, Field map, Base Map, Design, Key-hole bed design, S' bed design.

Summary: a look at waste management on the land and how to use different systems to make it into a valuable resource.

Design Tools: Household waste chart, Mind map,

Design #3:1, Grey-water, The Cabin

Summary: A direct source grey-water system 

Location: Finca Florecer, Zone 2

Date Started; April 2013

Date finished: June 2013

Design Process: SADIM

Design Tools: Limiting Factors, Elevation, Design

Design #3:2, Grey-water; The house

Summary: An intricate design for greywater, including anaerobic and aerobic cleaning process.

Location: Finca Florecer, Zone 1

Date Started: December 2014

Date Finished: March 2015

Design Process: SADIM

Design Tools: Design

Design #3:3, Composting

Summary: A look at the different types of composting over the site and their relative location.

Location: Finca florecer, Zone 2 – 4

Date Started: December 2011

Date Finished: On-going

Design Process: CEAM

Design Tools: Mind map, Functions systems and elements table.

Summary: A design to create a safe and sustainable environment for chickens, what their functions are on the land and the connections they have with the other functions of the property.

Location: Finca Florecer, Zone 2

Date Started: February 2012

Date Finished: February 2017

Design Process: O'BreDIMET

Design Tools: Smart goals, Elevation, Mind map, Base Design, Land design, Chicken house Design, Functions systems and elements table, Moblie coop design.

Summery: An intergrated design to forefill my need of a compost toilet, power-house and a bath.

Location: Finca Florecer, Zone 2

Date Started: September 2012

Date Finished: On-going

Design Process: SADIM

Design Tools: SWOC, SMART goals, Ideas drawing, base design, Bath-house design, Citrus garden design.

Summary: With the need for a water catchment area, that would hold enough water over the year to support the garden and the trees. I designed a natural swimming pool that would not only fulfil this need but also bring biodiversity into the area and be a beautiful swimming pool for use in summer by family, friends and guests.

Location: Finca Florecer, Zone 3

Date Started: January 2015

Date Finished: January 2017

Design Process: SADIMET

Design Tools: Site location, Mind map, SMART goals, Functions systems elements table. Drawing of an idea, Elevation, Design, Pump design, Plant List.

Summary: We all need to bring in an income, but it is not always easy to juggle a farm and school and a job. This design looks at how I managed to make a living on the land by listing my cabin as a holiday let. Giving people a chance to relax and spend time on the property and find out about how you can live more sustainably without compromising on style and comfort. 

Location Finca Florecer, Zone 2

Date Started: September 2014

Date Finished: April 2017

Design Process: CEAP

Design Tools: Mind Map, SWOC, SMART goals, 

Summary: In this design, I looked at how it would benefit myself and others to design an effective way in which I could gain confidence on how to teach permaculture, give my volunteer a more fulfilling experience and work and design projects more effectively.

Location: Finca Florecer

Date Started: 

Date Finished:

Design Process:

Design Tools:

Summary: This is a collection of design I have done for other people, assessing their needs and wants and bring forth a design to suit their environments.

Design #9:1, Charlie and Penny's Grey-water system

Summary: A low flow grey-water system using recycles materials.

Date Started: May 2011

Date Finished: October 2011

Design Process: SADIM

Design Tools: SWOC,

Design #9:2, Lyn and Brians Garden

Summary: This U.K. garden was designed for the use of a retired couple, taking into account their needs for low maintenance and easier access to the plants and trees, allowing spaces to relax and time to share with a growing family.

Date Started: September 2014

Date Finished: May 2015

Design Process: SADIMet

Design Tools: Elements functions and principles table, Base map, sectors and zones, Final Design, SMART goals.

Design #9:3, Simon and Laura's Vegetable Garden

Summary: I designed this garden as a low water use vegetable garden. Creating vegetable beds using the natural shape of the land. Using material on hand, to build the planting beds that would act as a wicking system to hold enough water from the spring rains to survive the hot Spanish summers, with a minimum of input.

Date Started 

Date Finished:

Design Process: SADIM

Design Tools: SWOC, Elevation, Base map with sun-sector, Final design.


Date Started:

Date Finished:

Design Process:

Design Tools:

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