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Local Activities

We are so blessed to live in this beautiful place full of nature at its best. With one of the most important rivers in Spain running between the surrounding mountain ranges, down to the Ebro delta a natural habitat for migrating birds, there is so much choice of things to do. From canoeing down the river, bird watching on the delta, cycling the Via Verda or just sitting on the beach and letting the world go by. If you are a nature lover, the choice is yours.

We firmly commit to promoting sustainable tourism and responsible travel at River Ebro Permaculture.

Here, you will find outdoor activities that allow visitors to engage with nature while respecting and preserving it.

Mountain walks and natural/wild swimming showcase the stunning beauty of our local ecosystem, while cycling tours allow visitors to explore kilometres of pristine beaches and fascinating historical buildings.

Local restaurant food also allows guests to experience the unique flavours of the local cuisine. 

Delta Ebro/Deltaebre

Where the Ebro River meets the Mediterranean Sea, the Delta de l’Ebre, the second-largest wetland in the Mediterranean, is home to a rich flora and fauna, declared in 1993 as a protected natural park, home to numerous native species of bird and as a productive stopover for 300+ species of migratory birds.
Since 1860 the Delta has been much acclaimed for its rice production 'Arros Bomba', fantastic paella rice. Due to the conservation of the delta, many of the rice producers have an organic line.
To find out more about the activities such as guided tours, family workshops, cycle routes, or just sitting on the beach, here are a few websites to look at:

Vulture Santuary - Mas de Bunyol - Valderrobres

A once in a lifetime experience to see wild vultures close up and personal. This amazing man Manuel Aguilera has been feeding these local Griffon vultures since he was a boy in the 1970s, before that it was the job of his grandfather. As you sit up in the observatory early in the morning, the place seems empty, but slowly you realize that those blobs in the trees are getting closer and bigger as breakfast time comes. Soon you see Aguilera enter the arena with a wheelbarrow of carcasses from the local rabbit farm and enveloped by birds some bigger than the man himself.
This Vulture Reserve offers a chance for you to watch the birds feeding in the morning every day of the week. A bit of warning! If you are not at the meeting point at the allotted time (09:00h), you have missed it. The birds won't be kept waiting for their breakfast!

Els Ports Natural park/ Parc Natural dels Ports

Els ports mountain range lies between Catalunya, Valencia and Aragon. A limestone massif with cliff faces, ravines, natural springs and old forest, a place of exceptional bio-geographical beauty. Home to the Iberian Ibex (Spanish mountain goat), a range of eagles and vultures (see above for information on the vulture sanctuary) which are often seen as you walk the nature trails or cycling the Via Verde. The park is the perfect destination for lovers of nature-related activities and sports who can indulge in hiking, cycling, climbing, potholing or canyoning since it offers a wide range of services.

The Greenway/ La Via Verde

Originally the old 'Val de Zafan' railway line which winds its way for 51 km through Els ports, from Tortosa to Puebla de Hijar. The Via Verde; a tarmac route, that passes through many tunnels, connecting remote villages. Offers a comfortable journey for all non-motorised forms of transport either by foot bicycle or horseback, where you can see a rich and diverse part of the landscape which you would not see any other way. Along the route are places to stop to eat and a few refuges to stay.
It is easy to hire bikes along the route and to make it easier; most hire companies will provide a shuttle bus service to take you back to your car.
Or the local bus service will take you and your bike to your destination


The Delta Ebro has 3 km of sandy beaches, where you can get a bit of beach to yourself even in the summer, but take a parasol as there is little shade. There are beach bars dotted along the stretch. At the north end of the Delta, you can find, Platja de Fanga, the naturist beach and Platja de la Marquesa the dog beach.
L'Ampolla has a large beach along the front of the town. With lots of bars and restaurants facing the harbour.
Platja de Cap Roig
Platja de Cap Roig is just a little north of L'Ampolla is, a tree-lined, sheltered sandy cove with beach bar and pedalos. Parking is free.
Sant Llucia (El Perello), is a less busy, pebble beach with lots of rock pools, suitable for snorkelling. There is free car parking, picnic area and bar on the beach. On the approach to the beach are a few small local restaurants.

Natural Swimming

La Fontcalda (hot springs)
Gorge jumping, Bar, Restaurant, or just somewhere to dip your feet and relax, this place has got it all!

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