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Permaculture Education centre

Client: Myself
Location: Finca Florecer
Date started:
Date ended: On going
Design process: SADIM

After starting my diploma, I decided that it would be great to share what I have learnt.

Past: Horticulture NVQ

Present: AET (Award in Education and Training.

Future: ToT, Teacher of Permaculture.


What is need to bring this vision into fruition?

What I need to become a Teacher of Permaculture?
To be a qualified teacher;
Present; AET (Award in Education and Training). Minimum level to be able to teach adult education from the age of 14+ (in the eyes of the government).
Future; Applied Diploma in Permaculture
ToT (Teaching of teachers) Permaculture Associations.
Self Confidence in my skills.
Spanish Language. If I want to be truly international, I need to be able to do the course in Spanish and English.

Where do I want to host these courses?
On the land, with day trips out to other peoples property and nature trails.
The land would have to accommodate, Students, Guest teachers, Staff and Volunteers, for Sleeping, eating, class-rooms; indoor and outdoor, toilets and showers.

AIMS: To run permaculture introduction courses, with inclusive volunteer placements.

The idea behind this is to help students learn the basic permaculture principles and then adapt them to a project.


Sleeping arrangemants:

Present; Free camping for Students, bring your own tents.

Cabin avalible for Guest Teacher.

Caravan avalible for 2 Volunteers that would help with administration Staff and food preparation during the course.

Future; 2 Bell tents that would be able to accommodate a total of 12 people.


Communial eating space. Outdoor patio (weather permitting) and the kitchen would be able to accommodate all.


3 meals a day,

Breakfast; Pre-prepared, Self catering. Cereal (muslie, corn flakes), fruit salad, toast and jam/marmalade, milk cow/soya, fruit juice.

Lunch; Pre-prepared, Self catering. Soup, salad, bread.

Dinner; Pre-prepared, Served. Cooked meal (such as Lasangna), salad, bread, Pudding.

Self catering tea and coffee facilities and assorted fruit avalible at all times.

Evening meals and soups to be pre-prepared and frozen in advance of the course. Salads made fresh each day, by the volunteer staff, who would also be doing the pre-meal preperations.

Course cordinator would over view all meals.


Present; Most of the food products would have to be bought in.

Would it be possible to afford all ecological produce?

-Price list all items that need to be bought to cater for approx 18 people for 2 weeks

Cost of aprox. 50e per-person per week = 1.800e

Future; Most of the fruit and vegetables can be grown on site.



Present;The circular patio would be arranged for outside classes if the weather turns bad then the class would have to be taken in the kitchen.

Future; Build a wooden round house with roof and open the south facing sides as a classroom facing the #Natural swimming pool. Diploma design #4. A DESIGN IDEA!


Toilet and showers/Health and safety:

Present; There are 2 compost toilets 1 WC and 1 shower avalible.

Future; Temporary toilet/shower block A DESIGN IDEA!

Well defined pathways, Gates, guide-posts, steps. #Volunteer jobs


Days out

Present; Local places that are with in walking distance.

Places further a field, could be obtained if any of the visitors had their own car and were willing to share.

Future; A mini bus could be hired for the day. Added expence.

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